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Want2Dance with Victoria will work with you to develop the course that will best meet your training needs. Victoria herself has an Honours Degree in Education and was a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development for many years. She has a great deal of experience in training and education away from the dance floor. Using dance is an innovative way of delivering staff training. No more sitting in a stuffy conference room. No more role play, no listening to boring speakers, or looking at slideshows that add nothing to the input.

Instead, incorporate dance and movement to music into your team-building courses.

Use it as a vehicle to dissipate stress, develop mental well-being and inject some fun and laughter into your training provision.

The benefits of dance are well known.

The physical benefits include improved aerobic fitness, coordination and concentration.

The mental and psychological benefits are profound. Dance lifts mood, develops self confidence and self-esteem, and of course, is inherently a social activity as well!

Contact Victoria to discuss your requirements, and challenge your staff into ‘stepping out’ in order to meet your business objectives.

Corporate Events